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July 26, 2017
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As civilians, it’s easy to believe there is a myriad of support organizations for veterans. They served our country, and once out have the VA, Veteran Service Organizations, The GI Bill, and more. But chilling statistics from last year show 20 veteran suicides daily. All these deaths are not preventable; but what if we could prevent the despair?They also require more than a prescription from the VA. The mental health of our military personnel and veterans requires support and veterans understanding they are not alone. And a laugh or two helps.Recent animated “homedy” (holistic comedy), “Discharged,” seeks to fill this void.Creator, Jas Boothe, a Major in the Army Reserves and disabled veteran understands the daily struggles with mental health and transitioning from the military. In 2005, she lost everything to Hurricane Katrina. A month later she was diagnosed with an aggressive head, neck and throat cancer. Both of these events left her homeless and jobless. Instead of allowing her additional diagnosis of major depressive disorder to drag her down, she used it to springboard extremely positive endeavors. “I’ve been to that very dark place where I considered suicide as an option; I just wanted the pain to stop,” said Boothe. Jas then started writing the about disastrous and entertaining parts of her journey, and "Discharged" was born. Boothe is using "Discharged" as her Buddy Check. You've heard of the Five People You Meet in Heaven; “Discharged” is the four people you meet in the military."Discharged" is best described as the love child of “Family Guy,” "Friends," and "Full Metal Jacket" all rolled into one. Looking to provide relief for her brothers and sisters in need of a laugh, Jas states she has found laughter more therapeutic than any medication from the VA. Wanting to create an outlet for all veterans that struggle with an illness, injury, disability or who feels alone after leaving their military family Boothe drew on her family, as well. She is the wife of a Marine Combat Veteran and mother to an Airman, giving her endless comedic material. Yes, there will be massive cross-service butthurt. Oh don't worry civilians, we will make plenty fun of you too.The show centers around main character Axel, a Marine combat veteran, who struggles to find work until he lands a lucrative contract as a Hollywood stuntman. He brings with him a colorful cast of characters, all fellow veterans. Major is Axel’s bodyguard and former Military Officer, who was convicted of but later pardoned for double murder. Jesus, pronounced Hey Zeus, is Axel’s agent and an iron-jawed no-nonsense ex-drill sergeant who is known for his uncontrolled outbursts and basic-training flashbacks. Brandon is Axel’s best friend, former Airman, personal assistant and the resident POG (personnel other than grunt).Discharged places these military veterans into hilarious civilian situations. Infused with dark humor, patriotism, pop culture and VA medication, Discharged is an animated comedy about the 1%, that soon becomes the new animated series that the 99% tunes in to watch!"Discharged" is currently raising funds for animation and production costs via Kickstarter and has only until April 3 to do it. Given the potential impact of this project on improving the collective mental health of our veteran community, take the time to support our troops and create a hilarious animated comedy. "I can't save the world, but I'm trying to save a life through laughter." Jas Boothe confides. Jas Boothe is also speaking at the inaugural veteran-entrepreneur conference, VETCON, occurring March 23-25.

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