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New Grappler Helps Cops De-Escalate Car Chases in Seconds

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November 3, 2016
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Part of what makes car chases nail-biting moments in film is how dangerous they are, and how difficult they are to get under control without proper training. But now, cops have found a way to stop a car in its tracks safely and quickly: the Grappler Police Bumper.The premise is simple; drive up behind the vehicle, slip the net under the back wheel, and stop the car. But there are a few more features to this setup that make the Bumper really interesting.Firstly, you can deploy this option in traffic (even heavy traffic) safely, which is a key advantage over other traditional de-escalation tactics like the pit maneuver. Secondly, officers have the option to tether the car or simply release the net, depending on the situation, which can help speed up the stop. Finally, the bumper can be disguised in several ways on the front of any vehicles for tactical operations.With a more controlled approach, law enforcement can teach people not to run from the law, and keep more innocent citizens and other officers safe.


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