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Rare Color WWII Footage: Army's Best Day

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July 13, 2016
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Most of us are used to seeing WWII footage in black and white, as color film was in its infancy, and far more expensive. There were some camera operators, however, that did create rare color footage of the war as it happened. This ten minute video contains incredible footage of American troops as they operated in France. Included are in-flight sequences, such as this clip.

Troops were also captured making long journeys on foot.


The realities of the Second World War are made infinitely more real in color. This footage of medics treating a wounded soldier gave us goosebumps.

Especially for those that have grown up without a black and white television, this color footage brings the subjects on film to life in a new way. We are able to glimpse these brave soldiers in their day to day life, and imagine their worries and emotions as they helped to liberate France.

You can watch the full 10 minutes below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OB3JmGn5e7U

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