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Reforged: Rising from the Ashes

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January 1, 1970
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As many of you already know, we try to build a hefty toolbox for dealing with life after the military. Transition has a ton of twists and turns that are unexpected, coupled with whatever demons you may be fighting from your time in. We've yet to find one fix-all solution for dealing with many of those issues. But...we have found several ways for many people to find peace and joy in their lives once again. It's about putting as many tools in the toolbox. Enter another beneficial piece of equipment you can place in your toolbox.If one form of counseling doesn't work, fine, try another, maybe you don't need counseling, you just need the community...all these metaphorical tools have a purpose and have different avenues of approaching the same problem. Suicide, depression, anxiety, loss of community...For as connected as we are in the modern era where connecting with someone across the county, state, nation, or the globe is as easy as pulling out your phone, we've never been more disconnected. There lacks a certain substantial connection.At Reforged, you'll learn a skill. You'll don an apron, pick up tongs and a piece of donated leaf spring, throw it into a fire and start hammering away, making your own knife. All while you're doing this, you can see the parallels between the transformation of this tossed aside leaf spring and your transformation. At times the process, much like transitioning, can be miserable. The forges make it as hot as Satans asshole after a three-month trek in the Sahara. The metal may not bend to your unskilled hand. can always ask for help.

Through this process, you learn something important. You learn that just because you're struggling, it doesn't mean you're failing. Back and forth your blade goes into the fire. Endlessly you seem to bang on that steel and it still...looks like starts to resemble a blade.The three-day course in San Antonio will teach you a skill that maybe you didn't have before and you'll also learn to make knives. With two licensed counselors on staff at Reforged and a group of Alumni that will treat you like family, you'll find a community of veterans and counselors equipped to help you overcome your struggles.Check them out on Facebook @ReforgedOrg or on their website at

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