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Road Rager Rushes Driver with Iron Bar, Doesn't Know Guy's Got a Gun

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December 26, 2016
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Road rage is a serious problem in the United States - 66% of all road fatalities are caused by aggressive driving. Some rage is instigated by distracted driving, high-beam usage, or lack of turn signal usage while switching lanes or turning corners. Other ragers exhibit these same behaviors to get where they are going as fast as possible, or because they just disregard the safety of those around them in favor of their own convenience. This was such a case.Avi Russo, a volunteer police officer in Israel, was driving with his dash cam running when a young guy drove recklessly around him, violating traffic laws. When he realized he was being filmed, he initially tried to get out and take the dash cam from the car. When his efforts didn't work out, he ran back to his car and grabbed an iron bar, intending to beat the driver up.That's when Russo decided to de-escalate the situation now before anyone else could get hurt, including this punk. He grabbed his gun and got out of the car.The change in body language is a fascinating thing to watch. The young man goes from skipping with anticipation to terrified in just seconds. Classic cowardice. In the end, no one was seriously hurt, thank goodness.

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