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Fight to Help Hurricane Ian Victims

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October 5, 2022
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Last week, Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida leaving over 40,000 people displaced and causing an estimated $47 billion in insured damages. Making it possibly the most expensive storm in state history. Ian has also battered Puerto Rico, which has still not recovered from the crippling damage done by Hurricane Fiona earlier in September.

Nearly 600,000 Florida homes were still without power as of Monday, and they are estimated to remain so for some time as crews struggle to navigate the hazards to make repairs. 

In addition, many Floridians have been left without clean tap water. The Florida health department states there are over 100 advisories to boil tap water before drinking. 

However, the destruction has extended well beyond property damage as the death toll has now climbed to over 100. Over half of those losses came from Lee County alone. 

As a result of the tragedy, the nation has been split into two groups, those wanting to help, and those needing help. As with all things, do your due diligence before donating, or applying, but here are a few resources to speed up the process for both groups.

How to help

The Florida Disaster Fund 

This is the State of Florida’s official private fund. It was established to assist Florida’s communities respond to times of emergency or disaster. To read more Click Here.


Save the Children

They are currently providing aid and critical supplies to help the most vulnerable among the victims. This non-profit was ranked by Forbes at #31 in their list of top 100 charities in 2021. To learn more Click Here.


Animal Efforts

Many pets have been rescued from flooding, but the demand for food, medical care, and other necessities, is extremely high. Learn more about the efforts of the American Humane rescue team by Clicking Here.

Hispanic Federation

This non-profit seeks to “serve the immediate and long-term needs of families and communities in Puerto Rico.” Learn more by Clicking Here.  

Looking for help

Federal assistance

If you, or a loved one, are caught in the aftermath of Ian, you can read a comprehensive list of resources available by Clicking Here. This list covers financial assistance, health, safety, veteran assistance, banking, workforce, and more.



If you are looking for FEMA assistance, you can apply by Clicking Here

Fiona and Ian victims

Those in Puerto Rico still suffering from the effects of Fiona can also apply for assistance by Clicking Here.


National-Level Referral List

You can also view a list of 114 national resources available, organized by categories, by Clicking Here.


Florida State and Local Level Referrals

You can also view a list of 114 State and local resources available, organized by categories, by Clicking Here.

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