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The Perfect Liberty Brief

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January 1, 1970
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It's Friday, so we know what that means, many of you are getting ready to go on the ever loved and cherished, weekend liberty. Responsibilities fade away and those assholes from work can't bother you if your phone is turned off. Weekend liberty is a time where day drinking and not wearing pants is the plan of the day. With that being said, we want to make sure your liberty never gets canceled because someone ruins it for everyone else. We've created...The Perfect Liberty Brief.We've heard thousands of liberty briefs, ones from the CO, the 1st Sgt, the platoon commander, the platoon sergeant, your squad leader, your fire team leader...they never stop. We've taken the best pieces of each one and combined them perfectly into one single liberty brief so that this is the last liberty brief you'll ever need. Read it once and you'll never need another one."Alright everyone, this weekend, we want you to have fun. Don't be stupid. If you drink don't drive, if you have sex wear a condom. If by some chance you ruin it for everyone else, we've decided we'll only punish you"

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