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Triumph the Insult Dog

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February 11, 2016
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Triumph The Insult Dog DESTROYS Politically Correct College Students

Triumph The Insult Dog is known for his brash talk, insults, being a dog who smokes a cigar, and mostly for his "political incorrectness". He doesn't hold any punches and for those who aren't easily offended or politically correct, it's hilarious. However, if you're the type who is offended by everything under the sun, you probably won't find this funny. aside, this does point out a pretty big thing happening, the pussification of America. While we spend countless hours trying to find ways to make sure everyone lives in a world full of sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns, our enemies are planning ways to kill as many of us as possible. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me to see a group of people these days fighting to ban the word "ISIS" because it's offensive to them.


From Rolling Stone

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog attempted to dog-splain political correctness to youth voters at the University of New Hampshire in an outrageous bit from his new election special on Hulu.In one of the most awkward and brutal segments of his career, Triumph (played by Robert Smigel) laid into a group of 20-somethings who were asked to discuss their fledgling ideas about identity politics. In turn, Triumph responded to one girl's explanation of trigger warnings with the promise that he would think about her while masturbating later, and soon after asked another if he could hump her leg and proceeded to do so after she said, "No."Triumph later worried about the potential effects political correctness might have on the great American institution of roasting, and then laughed through his own "appropriate" iteration of NSFW talk: "You're a dirty little whore" has now become "You're an unwashed, diminutive, victim of job-alternative deprivation."

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