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Turkey, Russia, and NATO: A Complex Relationship

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January 1, 1970
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Turkey is going ahead with its purchase of the S-400 system from Russia as we've all known for quite some time. The larger question looms, what does this mean in terms for Turkey and NATO? Well if you want some high brow, extremely analytical, think tank driven idea, you've come to the wrong place. As far as we're concerned Turkey can get wrekt and get the hell out of NATO.Why? The whole reason NATO was formed in the first place was to counter Soviet/Russian aggression in the European and Mediterranean theatre. It really puts a damper on stopping Russian aggression when you start buying their military hardware.It's also super weird that shit didn't pop off when a Turkish police officer assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey. Yes, he was a lone gunman and probably had some jihadist motivations and was seeking to disrupt the warming relations between the two nations, but either way, the fact that Russia and Turkey were cool after the fact should be a point of concern for NATO.Seriously, if the

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