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University of Missouri Students Burn ISIS Flag

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October 9, 2015
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University of Missouri Students burn ISIS flag

isis flag burn

A large group of students at the University of Missouri held an event on 8 October, 2015 and burned an ISIS flag. The event was organized by Ian Paris. Paris is the President of the Mizzou chapter of Young Americans for Liberty. He stated that the rally was to ISIS " we’ve had enough. And to tell Washington … to stop using our tax money to fund radical Islamic groups in the Middle East.”(CollegeFix.com).Opposition to the event protested the rally, but as a much smaller group. Their contention was that the demonstration would make the campus less safe, and is inviting attacks on campus by extremists.


This event was put together by the #MUCKISIS (Missouri University Coalition for those Killed by ISIS) a subgroup of the Young Americans for Liberty. The invite read:

US Middle East Policy has led to the rise of radical Islam in the countries in which we have toppled secular dictators. Not only that, but ISIS has risen to power on the back of US Taxpayers.ISIS is riding around the region in $1Billion of US Humvees. (That you and I paid for).ISIS is paying their soldiers in $1Billion of US cash left in the region (That you and I paid for)900 Tons of weapons have been shipped into the area, paid for, again, by the US.We want to tell Washington, not that we want another perpetual war in the Middle East, but that they need to stop borrowing money from China to fund extremist groups that chant "Death to America". - #MUCKISIS

Video of the Event comes from Kaley Annabel, a writer for the Columbia Missourian.

Ian Paris lights the handmade ISIS flag on fire. A crowd of about 150 chants "USA." pic.twitter.com/Wl2vZlcpE7

— Kaley Annabel (@KaleyJohnson6) October 8, 2015

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