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Why Do People Still Do This?

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January 1, 1970
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One of the reasons we absolutely love the internet is that if you know where to look and what you're looking for, the most cursory search can reveal if someone is full of shit. Why do people still lie about military service, and not in a small way either? For instance, a teacher in Massachusets was recently fired for having claimed that he had received two Purple Hearts. Something that due to the gravity of the award and the seriousness surrounding it, is documented quite heavily. You don't just randomly get a guy who has two Purple Hearts and find nothing about it on the internet.Our question here is this. How dumb do you gotta be to still try this move out? With literally several organizations that actively seek people trying to profit off of false "war-claims" or Stolen Valor as it's referenced, why do people still think they can get away with it? What boggles our minds even more, is how ostentatious they are about it too. For instance, nobody is claiming to be a lowly cook who did nothing. Someone might check on him, but in all honesty, nobo are like "Oh you were a cook, that's cool." and go on about their merry way. Unless you're Casey Ryback, you're still

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