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Road To Mammoth 2024 Ep 2

Equipment Reviews
Equipment Reviews
November 27, 2023
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Join Clay in the latest episode of "The Road to Mammoth" as he takes his first shot with the sophisticated Kestrel HUD and dials in his precision with the Vortex HD5000. It's a deep dive into the world of MIL reticles, where understanding each click and hashmark can mean the difference between a miss and a bullseye. Clay and his team unpack the mechanics of their top-tier gear and strategize for the upcoming Mammoth Sniper Challenge.

Whether you're a long-range shooting enthusiast or just love the thrill of the preparation, this episode offers an inside look at the dedication and technology that goes into preparing for one of the most demanding sniper competitions. Watch as they lay out the blueprint for success and take the first steps on their rigorous journey to Mammoth.


Mammoth Sniper Challenge is a three day physical and mental endurance competition. Teams will engage in long range targets in simulated sniper hides. From Navy Seals to school teachers, carpenters to combat veterans, participants from all walks of life compete in this competition. Registration opens in july, visit to learn more. Catch more episodes on

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