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Road To Mammoth 2024 EP 5

Equipment Reviews
Equipment Reviews
Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
January 5, 2024
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Mammoth 2024 is officially here, and it's time to gear up with Clay in episode 5 of Road to Mammoth! Clay's got the lowdown on everything from boots that keep him moving to the barricade bags, bino packs, and even his trusty tent. He's sharing all the details and surprising things he's learned along the way - the stuff he never saw coming.  Tune in to episode 5 and get the inside scoop on what works, what doesn't, and whats ahead as Mammoth 2024 has begun!


Mammoth Sniper Challenge is a three day physical and mental endurance competition. Teams will engage in long range targets in simulated sniper hides. From Navy Seals to school teachers, carpenters to combat veterans, participants from all walks of life compete in this competition. Registration opens in July, visit to learn more.

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