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Protecting Your Family: Practical Workout Options for Real-World Threats

Workouts and Fitness
Workouts and Fitness
July 1, 2023
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Let’s face it, most people are at least on a subconscious level awaiting their moment; that point where the world goes to shit around them in one way or another, and their hero moment is thrust upon them. For veterans, that holds doubly true, as they may have already experienced a version of the moment and so they are awaiting another. To some degree we have all pictured it, the type of disaster or attack, and our own mental echo rising to the occasion to save our family, friends, and dogs. 

While this does help us with certain considerations, such as medical or weapons training, preparing escape routes or planning for long term survival, an often-overlooked area of preparedness is physical fitness. Sure, we work out, but are we doing it to look good naked or to be combat effective? Why can’t it be both? As it happens, it can. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider.

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

Yeah, I know. Cardio sucks and swole pecs are better. But as Zombieland astutely pointed out, cardio matters. Consider this scenario. An enemy EMP has taken out the US power grid, and it’s time to evac with your family to a more secure location away from the general population. Thanks to your prior proper planning, the vehicle is fueled, survival equipment loaded, and you’ve made it into the countryside. But that fuel won’t last forever… Now it’s time to load up the packs and carry them over the next ridge. Cardio doesn’t seem like a bad idea anymore, does it? Remember always that ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain.

Recommendation Per Week: 

Ruck March with Weighted Pack x2

Alternating Distance Runs with Sprints  to Build Stamina x3

Upper Body Strength

Cardio gets us with our packs to the top of the hill or down the road, which is the first hurdle jumped, but then what do we do? Depending on the climate, you may need to chop wood, carry water, or raise a shelter. As much as those massive gains look good at the beach, they aren’t always functional for these tasks. Have you ever met a man built like a freight train, but he struggled to reach his own backside with the toilet paper? That’s not great, Bob. 

The better option for combat strength is to focus on functional exercises that train your body to perform feats that require both power and repetition, so that the first few pieces of wood chopped don’t leave you gasping for breath. Conversely, chopping wood now could even be the answer, as it burns up to 500 calories an hour and stimulates abdominal workouts.

Recommendation Per Week:

Tire Slams to Failure (3) x3

Pushups to Failure (3) x2 

Incline Pushups to Failure (3) x3

Ammo Can Lifts (100 or to Failure) x3

Kettlebell Swings to Failure x3

Yoga, Not Just for Hippies

Wait, don’t go anywhere. Some people may consider yoga to be some patchouli oil smelling hippie nonsense, but the fact remains that it does work. Stretching and working different muscle groups is key to ensuring your body is in proper working order when it comes time to leap into action at a moment’s notice. Hot yoga can be particularly effective for both getting a solid sweat on and for helping warm those joints, so they resist what you’re doing to them a little less. Additionally, being fully stretched out can make the other two recommendations easier to accomplish, and more effective.

Recommendation Per Week:

Yoga Routine to Tolerance x5

When your moment comes, do you want to be panting and falling behind, or do you want to lift your pack and lead your family to safety like a stoic champion, mowing down all threats before you? As I stated before, gym goals usually revolve around looking good naked, and there’s nothing wrong with that sentiment. Especially if your significant other is a smoke show, and you want to keep up. Do remember though, that they won’t mind if your neck isn’t thicker than your head when you can lead them from danger and assure their survival.

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