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Warrior's Purpose with W. Scott French

Community Support
Community Support
Workouts and Fitness
Workouts and Fitness
Mental Health & Wellness
Mental Health & Wellness
October 1, 2022
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A blown lumbar, fused spine, and knee replacement on its way. Scott French, an Army vet, was broken physically and mentally – after retirement he needed to get his life back. The answer? Yoga. Well…Not JUST Yoga: D.D.P. Yoga. The crazy thing? Where surgeries and pills consistently failed, DDPY succeeded. Now Scott dedicates himself to showing others an alternate path to healing. 

Scott started the DDPY Tiger Battalion when Covid hit as a resource for people to help avoid stress and anxiety and to improve peoples mental health by encouraging them to workout regularly. They allow people to do other workouts and not just DDPY. The Tiger Battalion shares their experiences with other members in the battalion, discuss what their obstacles are and how we are attempting to overcome them. The overall goal is to establish good mental health through good physical health and exercise activities. Everybody is welcome!


The special program works for anyone, in any condition, from those with limited mobility to those already in great shape. DDPY Warrior's Purpose gives Veterans and active military access to workouts, workout plans, cooking shows, recipes, and daily inspiration from DDPY. Visit today and own your life. #bang

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