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Enemy at the Gates – Avoiding Holiday Depression

Triangular Compass
Triangular Compass
December 1, 2023
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The holiday season is often considered to be the height of the year for stress, anxiety, and depression. Travel plans, Christmas and New Year’s parties and presents, and those that aren’t here to celebrate can all lead to a difficult time for anyone. Even considering these factors, what you may not realize is that the holidays aren’t the worst time for depression. Most seasonal depression is in January, and as spring turns to summer. 

Perspective is a useful tool in situations like these. While it is entirely natural to consider the downsides to life’s events, consider the opposite. There is a reason “It’s a Wonderful Life” is considered a holiday classic, as is “The Muppet Christmas Carol”. (This is the definitive work; I will not apologize because I am right.) The loss of those who should be here with us is difficult to bear, but we share that with others who did that can help carry the burden. Handling events we’ve experienced that aren’t a normal part of life by any stretch can weigh on you, but you’ve carried heavy weight before with help from your team.

We all relied on our team in the past to get the mission accomplished, so why not continue to do so when the mission is to improve your physical and mental health? In the effort, you may even be returning the favor. Resources are always available, of course, but there’s no harm in gathering the squad up for the mission brief.

The Triangular Compass

There is always wisdom in having a support network outside the team as well. Just as good mission planning involves assets from higher, adjacent, and supporting units, taking care of yourself and others can always use the extra ammo. Enter the Triangular Compass from the Grunt Style Foundation. 

A program designed to aid veterans and first responders in recovering from the types of injuries they can’t easily treat with bandages and casts, the Triangular Compass is meant to address the “physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being” to bring balance.

The Triangular Compass breaks the points of focus into the Body, the Soul, and the Spirit, each item an important aspect of the self. Think of it as conducting a tactical site survey of yourself and flushing out the raccoon family living in the attic that keeps chewing the photo albums. 

However you choose to reach out, the important part is doing so. The most important step that any person can take is the next one, and we go over obstacles, not around them.

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