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Gaslighting the Warfighter Ep. 24

Gaslighting The Warfighter
Gaslighting The Warfighter
May 2, 2023
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Gaslighting the Warfighter Ep 24- 4D Medical w/ Andreas Fouras

Tune in to episode 24 of Gaslighting the Warfighter as Tim Jensen and Rosie Torres speak with Andreas Fouras, C.E.O and founder of 4D Medical. In this episode our guest speaks on how 4D created cutting edge software with four-dimensional scanning capability that can quickly and painlessly give doctors clarity and details about a veteran’s lung function. With this information, veterans can get access to better treatment and avoid invasive and expensive biopsies.  Whether you're a veteran or just someone looking for a new perspective, our podcast bridges the gaps in our veteran communities.

Click here to learn more about 4D Medical.

The Grunt Style Foundation

Established in April of 2021, Grunt Style Foundation is a national nonprofit organization committed to providing life changing resources and experiences for service members, Veterans, and their families.

With a steadfast commitment to its core values—Mental Health and Wellness, Transition and Sustainment, Food Insecurities, and Homelessness–Grunt Style Foundation offers those who served and continue to serve our country their due recognition, honor, and support. Visit  for more information.

Click here to donate!

Gaslighting The Warfighter Podcast

Join The Grunt Style Foundation as we uncover the truth behind gaslighting, the psychological tactics used to make our veterans question sanity or rationality. Delve into the depths of this phenomenon with us as The Grunt Style Foundation sheds light on the smokescreens and unravel the twisted narratives surrounding the issues our veterans face. Together, let's reclaim our sanity and ensure our veterans receive the support and resources they rightfully deserve.

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