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Gaslighting The Warfighter Ep 8

Gaslighting The Warfighter
Gaslighting The Warfighter
December 30, 2021
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In this episode, Tim and Rosie discuss the alarming health challenges faced by veterans exposed to burn pits and other hazardous environments during their service. This episode highlights the lack of action from representatives when there's no media spotlight, the discussion also touches on the sad reality that our veterans, many in their late twenties and thirties, are facing life-threatening conditions at a much younger age than previous generations.

We dive deep into the initiatives being undertaken by advocacy groups, from working with Congress to enacting change, to providing immediate relief through life-saving equipment like hyperbaric chambers. While there's hope for a brighter future, the journey is long, and the fight for justice and better healthcare for veterans is far from over.

About Gaslighting The Warfighter Podcast

Join The Grunt Style Foundation as we uncover the truth behind gaslighting, the psychological tactics used to make our veterans question sanity or rationality. Delve into the depths of this phenomenon with us as The Grunt Style Foundation sheds light on the smokescreens and unravel the twisted narratives surrounding the issues our veterans face. Together, let's reclaim our sanity and ensure our veterans receive the support and resources they rightfully deserve.

Visit https://americangrit.com/series/gaslighting-the-warfighter-podcast to learn more.

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