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Gaslighting The Warfighter Ep 6

Gaslighting The Warfighter
Gaslighting The Warfighter
October 28, 2021
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In this compelling episode, we sit down with Kevin Hensley, a twenty-year Air Force veteran who shares his eye-opening journey with toxic exposure and the aftermath of open-air burn pits during his deployments.

Kevin delves deep into his personal experiences from being misdiagnosed with "Iraqi crud" to eventually uncovering a terminal lung disease and cognitive challenges. With the support of Burn Pit 360, he has become an advocate, spreading awareness about toxic exposure's dire effects on servicemen and women.  We also discuss the game-changing hyperbaric treatments Kevin underwent, which dramatically improved his quality of life, highlighting the immense potential these treatments offer.

About Gaslighting The Warfighter Podcast

Join The Grunt Style Foundation as we uncover the truth behind gaslighting, the psychological tactics used to make our veterans question sanity or rationality. Delve into the depths of this phenomenon with us as The Grunt Style Foundation sheds light on the smokescreens and unravel the twisted narratives surrounding the issues our veterans face. Together, let's reclaim our sanity and ensure our veterans receive the support and resources they rightfully deserve.

Visit https://americangrit.com/series/gaslighting-the-warfighter-podcast to learn more.

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