warfighter ep 4
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Gaslighting The Warfighter Ep 4

Gaslighting The Warfighter
Gaslighting The Warfighter
August 30, 2021
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Join Tim Jensen and LeRoy Torres as they engage in a discussion on the topic of presumption for military service members, its impact on those who have selflessly served our nation, and the actionable steps we can take to support those in need.

In our fourth episode, we delve deep into the haunting experiences faced by veterans and their families, as we are joined by Gina Canino, the widow of the late Gunnery Sergeant Canino. A veteran from the Segment Battalion 25th Marines, his story reveals the challenges faced by the military community, often overshadowed by bureaucracy and silence.

Gina recounts the journey from her husband's distinguished service in Iraq in 2003 to the shocking diagnosis of an aggressive form of cancer in 2017. Discover the challenges they faced seeking answers, the absence of warnings about potential toxin exposures, and the uphill battle with the VA system. Gina's heart-wrenching testimony shines a light on the painful struggles of military families, exposing a healthcare catastrophe that many remain unaware of.

About Gaslighting The Warfighter Podcast

Join The Grunt Style Foundation as we uncover the truth behind gaslighting, the psychological tactics used to make our veterans question sanity or rationality. Delve into the depths of this phenomenon with us as The Grunt Style Foundation sheds light on the smokescreens and unravel the twisted narratives surrounding the issues our veterans face. Together, let's reclaim our sanity and ensure our veterans receive the support and resources they rightfully deserve.

Visit https://americangrit.com/series/gaslighting-the-warfighter-podcast to learn more.

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