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Next Mission: S1 E1

Mental Health
Mental Health
November 21, 2017
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In the series premiere of The Next Mission, you'll get an inside view of Grunt Style's leadership team and some of the exciting things happening at the innovative brand. With partnerships and new ventures starting, Grunt Style CEO Dan Alarik introduces you to a few of the key players in Grunt Style and the new partnerships. You'll also meet the team working hard to ensure the success of the Grunt Fit app. initial episode introduces you to CEO Dan Alarik and COO Tim Jensen before a pivotal time in the Grunt Style brand. Securing a partnership with Glory Kickboxing, Grunt Style is holding the weigh-ins for the Chicago fight in the shipping department. As time ticks down before the setup must be complete a small problem of securing a metallic American Flag amidst the backdrop. Led by the level-headed Joseph Gideon (Army Veteran), Manager of Strategic Alliances, the team accomplishes its goal and the weigh-ins go off beautifully.Meanwhile, the Grunt Fit team has had a minor setback. The app developer has informed the team that there will be a delay in the launch of the mobile fitness application. Tiffany Allen-Hampton, president of Grunt Fit, (an Army Veteran with nerves of steel) is unphased by the development. She sits the team down and in short order hammers out a plan to keep people engaged despite the setback. A series of videos that will hold over the brand until the launch. That's how most things work at Grunt Style when a problem is discovered. Problem is noted, then the tactical prowess already ingrained into several of the employees is turned on the finding a solution.

After the weigh-ins, the Glory Kickboxing leadership team is invited to Dan's office to take part in the newest venture from Grunt Style, Merica Bourbon (created with the help and partnership of Marine veteran Derek Sisson of Famous Brands)

Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel for the next episode of "The Next Mission."

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