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The Next Mission: Season 1, Episode 5

Mental Health
Mental Health
December 3, 2017
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On The Next Mission: Season 1 Episode 5, the team gets set up in Woodsboro with locals. With this done there, the team in San Antonio gets to furnishing the Grunt House. There will be several new hires and about a half a dozen people working there through the transition.https://youtu.be/dY-izSxpXSsGrunt Style started out of the back of Dan's car. It then moved into a basement and up from there to the 110,000 square foot fulfillment center in Carol Stream, Illinois. Now the task at hand is to be consistent while the move takes place. Keeping the fires of the industry hot, while supporting a rebuilding effort in Woodsboro (where Hurricane Harvey absolutely devastated the town), moving the Grunt Style headquarters over one thousand miles to the south, and pushing the rebranding of the Alpha Outpost box of the month club is no small task. Luckily, Grunt Style employees are used to the high demands placed on them and always rise to the challenge.

The Next Mission: Season 1 Episode 5

Alpha Outpost is the box of the month club that sends out the best outdoors and survival gear you can get your hands on. In the beginning, Alpha Outpost shot out of the gate with tremendous success, but it was not without its flaws. In this episode, you get to see first hand how the entire Grunt Style team handles adversity. There is no yelling and screaming, but rather a deliberate calmness reminiscent of operations planning in the military. The message and the goals are laid out in a logical, consistent manner and the team with the new leadership of Mitch Brown who has several years worth of experience in a wide variety of area takes to the "battle plan."

The Next Mission: Season 1 Episode 5

The episode finished with Dan Alarik heading to San Diego to speak at Tac-Fest. All on this week of The Next Mission: Season 1 Episode 5.

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