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Next Mission: Season 1 Episode 2

Mental Health
Mental Health
November 22, 2017
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With the impending hurricane, Dan travels to Houston, Texas for the grand opening of Merica Bourbon. Those who make history rarely know that what they are about to do will be remembered for years to come. The historic Hurricane Harvey set the stage for Grunt Style to show America how to make an impact for good. Dan was down in Houston, the Grunt Style team in Illinois was busy moving from one distribution center to another. The task was to be completed in 36 hours. Luckily with the military background, many of the employees have and the leadership style carried over from their time in, the move was extremely successful despite setbacks. The leadership style demonstrated at Grunt Style is key to their success. Tim Jensen, COO and Grunt Style 1st Sgt breaks it down like this in regards to his role, "Establish the goal, provide the resources, inspect the results, and then get out of the way."

Despite assurances that the hurricane would be a non-issue, Dan found himself driving through a lake as Harvey made landfall. After the initial trip to Houston and Dan's return to San Antonio, he gets a call from Buck. Houston needs help. All while Grunt Style is in the middle of moving distribution centers and finalizing deals for the eventual move to San Antonio, in the midst of it all, Dan embarks to the middle of the carnage that is Hurricane Harvey. Operating out of the Famous Brands warehouse, a team of 30 started to brave the waters, rescuing and bringing supplies to the folks that needed it most.

There was still more that could be done. The Grunt Style team printed 9,000 shirts and 9,000 hoodies to take down to Rockport where many people had lost simply everything they had. "It's not everything but it's what we can do," says CEO Dan Alarik.Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the next episode of "The Next Mission".

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