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A Compelling Case for Gun Control

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
September 19, 2018
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I'm gonna rant here for a minute. Normally you'll find the staff, including me, here at American Grit incredibly supportive of the 2nd Amendment...HOWEVER, whenever I go to the range, this is an entirely different story. For me, going to the gun range is a strong case for gun control, I mean honestly, if you haven't been lately and you're curious as to what I'm talking about, please indulge me.First off, you have this guy, or him and his son. And neither of them know what the shit all they are doing. They thought it'd be a great bonding experience to buy a firearm, get no training, and go pop off a few rounds. Hell why the f*** not? So these two jokers come out onto the range, where hell, I'll welcome them. I'm super stoked that they are exercising the right to bear arms. Hell yeah. Until one of the two, or usually both of them, load up a magazine into whatever firearm they have, throw their booger hook on the trigger and proceed to flag the entire f***ing firing line. See this is when I start to have an issue. Usually, when I watch someone load a weapon, put their finger on the trigger and then point it at me, I shoot them. However, in this case, I'd be the asshole. I'd be going to jail.Assholes.The second type of guy that makes me doubt my commitment to the 2nd, is the dude that's been around firearms his whole life, doesn't flag me, but man he goes to the range and misses like it's cool and he's Miles Davis, just because he wants to shoot fast or shoot slow, I don't give a shit. I'm just sitting there watching this asshole after a while wondering why his target looks like a shotgun from 100 yards out when he's shooting a pistol at a mere 5 feet. What the shit bro?So obviously this entire post poked a little fun at the actions of some, but it does bring up some key points that I'd like to address. I know, I know it seems like common sense, but if I didn't see it on a regular basis I wouldn't say shit about it, but alas here we are.

  1. Exercise the hell outta your 2nd Amendment Rights, it protects all of the others.
  2. Don't flag people with a loaded or unloaded weapon, that's how people get shot accidentally and people try to take our guns away.
  3. Train. Yeah, it's fun to go full tilt boogie woogie cyclic rate of fire on your super dope ass heater, but it'd be way cooler if you could just hit what you're aiming at.
  4. If someone corrects you because you're being a huge tool and violating #2 and #3, don't be an angry bitch about it.

Be responsible. Don't give people a strong case for gun control, they're already hungry enough for it, don't be the reason they have more metaphorical ammo.

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