The infamous game banned by the COC
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The Infamous Game Banned by the CoC

August 3, 2022
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During the GWOT era, a single game was banned by various COCs more than any other game. This game was simply known as “F*ck You.”

The rules were simple:

1. It was only played with people who had agreed to participate. No innocent bystanders. 

2. The goal is to sneak up on a player, and slap whatever object a player was holding, out of their hands. 

3. Anything a player is holding is fair game. Food, cell phones, pictures of their kids, anything. 

4. The slapper must say “f*ck you” when performing the attack. 

5. No getting butthurt, no reimbursement for loss or damages.

6. Once a player quit, they were out of the game.

As you can imagine, chaos ensued. Despite the 5th rule, this game often led to fistfights and all out brawls. Especially since the bigger the mess, or the more important an item being slapped, the more bragging rights that came with a successful attack.

It was ruthless, but despicably fun. Unless you were the victim.

Can you picture having to explain to your First Sergeant how you got nachos all over your boots? 

Even just talking about it makes the whole idea seem ridiculous, but it spread like wildfire. 

This sport was the definition of brotherly love because no one but family could get away with it.

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