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The Ground Truth w/ Boone Cutler

Active Military
Active Military
Mental Health & Wellness
Mental Health & Wellness
November 1, 2022
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We are witnesses to the newest generation of warfare. It isn’t fought with missiles and tanks upon a physical battlefield. The battlefield is now the mind and the enemy has a decades long head start. In this series of 5th Generation Warfare we will look into the mechanics and tradecraft that go into turning an entire society against itself. Sun Tzu said, “the Supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Listen in, and get informed – because this is happening right before our eyes.

About 5th Generation Warfare

We are witnesses to the newest generation of warfare, How many of you have been ostracized by family members, employers and long-time friends? How many opportunities have you lost because of polarization? Have you tribalized your associations and the area you live, do you dehumanize others and believe others are doing the same to you? Are you more afraid now than you used to be? In this campaign we sit down with former Psychological Operations Team Sergeant, U.S. Army Veteran Boone Cutler and discuss what everyone is feeling and why your neighbor is not your enemy.

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