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Our Boat Trip

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
March 27, 2019
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Today was a glorious day. My friends and I are all went on a wonderful boat trip. Out and around the seas and rivers and lakes. Of course, we all had our firearms with us for protection, some of the guys even brought along their bump stocks. A day of fishing and grilling food, swimming and enjoying the sunshine. Their wives and girlfriends came too, each bringing with them their firearms as well. Some of them brought along their bumpstocks as well.What a good time we all had! There were skiers, wakeboarders, kneeboarders galore. Everyone was having fun in the sun, enjoying the good weather, the good company, and of course abiding by all weapon safety rules. To say that this outing was the best would be an understatement.However...the wonderful trip took a turn for the worst. While out and around a nondescript area of the seas, lakes, and rivers the driver of our boat took a turn too hard and all guns equipped with bump stocks went overboard! The sheer horror and sadness of all passengers quickly dissipated due to the miracle about to take place. All firearms equipped with a bump stock floated to the surface! How could this be? These weapons were made from the finest precious earth metals. Definitely not designed to float...but here they were.Albeit they were missing the bumpstocks that despite being plastic, had certainly sunk to the bottom of this nondescript sea, lake, or river...we can't exactly remember where it all went awry. The guns (sans bumpstock) were quickly brought back aboard and furious cleaning of them soon took place. With the weapons being cleaned and the day turning to dusk, we all headed home from our day out having fun in the sun on our boat trip."So yeah Mr. Federal ATF Guy, that's what happened to everyone's bump stocks. Bottom of the sea, lake, or I told you, I can't really remember which one it was."(If you didn't catch the joke...we've got some bad news for you.)

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