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Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
November 15, 2018
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Have you ever wanted to celebrate Christmas with a badass light display, but found the normal lights you find at the store just wouldn't cut it? Of course you have! You're not some heathen ass Communist who hates the holidays, no you love Christmas and you'll be damned if you're going to get some namby pamby weak ass lights to celebrate. You're going to get some badass All-American shotgun shell Christmas lights!Enjoy your holidays basking in the glow of these 100% bonafide shotgun shell Christmas lights. You'll show off your Christmas spirit and piss off your neighbor who hates guns with these festive decorative lights.Even if they complain, it's not like they'll do anything other than write a strongly worded letter to you or the HOA. Even so, what are they going to do after that? Nothing, because obviously, a home that has shotgun shell Christmas lights is obviously a home where people are armed. What better way to enjoy your holidays without any unwanted interruptions? We submit that there is no better way and these shotgun shell Christmas lights will provide you with that serenity.These Christmas lights not only decorate your home but keep away burglars too!!Seriously, who is going to rob a house decorated with ammunition? Nobody, because even if you don't have two functioning brain cells, seeing these patriotic and festive Christmas lights will make you rethink your life decisions. Quite possibly ensuring that you don't end up with a gigantic hole where your spine, stomach, liver, intestines, heart, and lungs used to be. Even if someone does try to rob your home and end up with a "holey" affliction (lol), it'll be an open and shut case. The police will come, see the shotgun shell lights hung up, Mr. Burglar lying there on the ground bleeding. They'll shake their heads muttering "What a dumbf***" as they clear you of any wrongdoing!Hell yes to Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights!

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