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Prior Servicemember Faces 10 Years in Russian Jail

March 2, 2020
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Six months ago, Russian police detained a former U.S. Marine named Trevor Reed in a Moscow jail. Trevor, who is 28, was in Moscow when shit went sideways last August. He was out drinking when the police claim he assaulted multiple officers.The report says he was in Moscow to learn more about the culture and language of his Russian girlfriend. Get this, the girlfriend was the one who called the police on Reed when he had consumed more than his fair portion of vodka. The girlfriend, identified as Alina Tsibulnik, claims she called police to keep Trevor from hurting himself.Authorities claim they will hear Trevor's case again on March 11th. Reed and his family members have both denied the claims.The charges he faces carry up to 10 years in jail. The relations between the US and Russia have sucked recently. Additionally, Paul Whelan, a former U.S. Marine accused of espionage has been under arrest sine December 2018.Family and friends of Trevor Reed hope to gain support from the government to resolve this quickly. A close friend, and current Navy Corpsman, said "Trevor was an Eagle Scout before he enlisted, his family was very active in the community."In a GoFundMe created by Trevor's family, they aren't just asking for money, they are also asking people to contact their elected representatives. If you go here, you can see where they even provide the links to contact these members.Maybe the bystanders were jealous of his iron liver, or maybe Trevor didn't understand the commands by the foreign police. One thing is for sure is that we don't want our brother sitting in gulag, so let's bring him home.Editor's Note: A minor change to the story was made 9Mar2020. The story and photo were published with permission from the subject's family. If you have any additional issues with this story, please email charlotte.reavis@gruntstyle.com or john.fannin@gruntstyle.com.

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