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Loaded Carry: The Ultimate Full-Body Workout

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
January 22, 2018
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It's known by many names, the farmer's walk, the loaded carry, trap bar carry, dumbbell carry. Whatever you call it doesn't matter, what matters is that you need to be doing it and you probably aren't. When we think of strength exercises, we tend to think the more complex it is, the better it is. Not always true. Sometimes the most basic of movements can bring about strength gains you never knew possible.Enter the loaded carry. It's actually really simple. Pick up something really heavy, and walk with it. Sounds simple enough right? This exercise will load muscle throughout your entire body and generally make you stronger on every single lift. Why? Because it is taxing the entire body, placing stress on each muscle group in one fell swoop.

Loaded Carries

Before you grab a ton of weight, make sure you're setting up the lift correctly. We love the trap bar variation. It allows you to load a ton of weight and maintain great posture for your shoulders and back. As you pick the weight up, ensure that you're standing with your chest out and shoulders back, squeezing your scapula together and down. Practice this set up a few times before grabbing a buttload of weight. Once you've got the posture of your upper body perfect, grab the weight while maintaining the great posture. Now walk. Try to walk as normally as you can for as far as you can before dropping the weight. Don't try to run or do anything crazy, just walk, and breathe.If you find yourself able to walk extremely far without fatigue, increase the weight and try again. It should be difficult and you should feel every part of your body straining to make it just a few more steps. Despite the "slow" tempo of this exercise, you'll soon find yourself dripping with sweat, out of breath and all of your muscles asking you to stop.

loaded carries


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