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Being Alpha Elite: Unleash Your Inner Leader

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
Diet & nutrition 101
Diet & nutrition 101
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Community Support
December 26, 2022
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How often do you have some stranger telling you you’re doing it wrong? Or that you need to add this to achieve a certain result  or you should do this to look a certain way? I may be doing some of that here with you but there’s a purpose to it.. I am merely some washed up Green Beret here to tell you that maintaining good nutrition isn’t as hard as you think it is. It just takes a little (okay, a lot of it) discipline and motivation. It’s not a complicated goal at all and when you make small simple changes to your meal plan you’ll start to see positive changes in your goals and aspirations . That’s when it starts to become a normal part of your life and in some cases, even addictive. 

But of course, when I say simple that doesn't necessarily mean easy, especially when you're inundated with all sorts of bullshit myths  across social media platforms and  misleading commercials. I am  going to eliminate most of that and explain a few things that you can put into action today to start seeing results within two weeks. There’s no magic pill, there’s no super fast way to do it in a healthy way. So, just put that  fast food bag down and read this article. 

  1. Ok, some of you may hurl or blow chunks reading this rule of good nutrition, but EAT YOUR VEGGIES! 

Your Mom was right. You need to eat your vegetables to grow big and strong. They’re mineral rich and a great way to get your vitamins you’ve been missing out on, Flintstone vitamins don’t count). Bonus,  veggies contain fiber and I guarantee most of you need to take a massive poo and that’ll happen if you get your daily fiber. All of these vitamins found inside vegetables will help your body function like the machine it is. Energy levels will increase, you’ll boost your immune system and for some of you crayon eating Marines you’ll be able to concentrate better. Jk, we love our Marines who are some of the best war fighters in the world! 

I digress. I  would like to see you eat two to three portions of veggies  each  day. Fresh veggies by the way, not that wilted steamed stuff you get at the chow hall or canned crap. And like the skittles in MRE’s, try to get as many different colored veggies as you can. Eat the rainbow. 


  1. Like every Drill Sergeant says…..Drink Water! 

Did you know your body is made up of 70% water? Some of you live in a constant state of dehydration after long or short weekends of binge drinking. Dehydration affects your Performance. And as the Alpha Elite you are, you need to stay hydrated for better performance. Your blood is actually made up of 90% water, your muscles, eyes, everything. Not only does blood make the green grass grow but so does water. We need it to  stay alive and you need to start drinking more of it. At least a gallon a day. If it tastes bad walk around with a Mio flavor maker and throw a couple drops in. My actual go to once a day is Rally and Recover by Alpha Elite Performance. Rally and Recover is a must for me because it absorbs fast and has a prebiotic as well. Drink 64 oz of water per day at a minimum. If you’re working out, add 16 ounces to that 64. Die Hydrated!  



I assume if you’re reading this, you’re already a meat eater, as you should be. And you probably lift weights, crush PR’s and joined a gym group called swole patrol. If not you should minus the swole patrol part. That’s just nerdy. So, why increase protein? Well, it helps with getting stronger, getting leaner, and growing bigger muscles. You savages probably crush it at the gym and that causes muscle breakdown,  what is better known as catabolism. Anabolism is when your body takes that protein and uses the aminos to help repair and grow your muscles. 

Make sure you’re getting enough protein in all of your meals. Proteins like beef, turkey, chicken, fish and Alpha Pro Protein by Alpha Elite Performance (see that epic product placement). Also, EAA’s help keep you anabolic. 

Not enough protein in your daily intake can decrease your recovery time, undermine muscle growth, and slow strength development. Protein is also useful for fat loss because eating it increases your metabolic rate and keeps you feeling satisfied. So the key takeaway here is….Eat protein so you feel and look good! 

  1. Get rid of the sugar. 

When I think about sugar, parts of me get excited.  I have always been attracted to sweet things. Cakes, cupcakes, muffin cakes – basically all kinds of cake! It tastes soooo good and when I was younger I was told it was the quickest source of energy before training or sport. But trust me, it will jack you up and cause more harm than good when consumed excessively. Sugar contains zero vitamins, minerals or anything of substance but requires them for digestion. Unused sugar is quickly and easily converted to body fat and stored for later use. It’s also very bad for your teeth. Sidebar: no one wants a yuck mouth. 

Sugar also triggers inflammation and we all know inflammation leads to a bunch of other issues in the human body, including heart disease. . But does this mean you can’t have a sugary treat? No, not at all. In fact, treat yo self on occasion. But not all the time, more like once a month or as a “cheat” on a weekend. But definitely reduce your sugar intake as a whole. Replace processed sugars and  overly processed products with natural sugars if you need that sweet  fix. My go to is a cup of mixed berries from the freezer.  

If you implement these quick four changes into your daily routine I can guarantee you’ll see and feel results. If you want even faster results, cut out alcohol. That weekend fun poison has no business going in your body on the regular. If you have any additional questions just reach out to me anytime at

Written By Travis Wilson, Owner of Alpha Elite performance

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