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Extreme Sports for Extreme Needs

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
Community Support
Community Support
January 17, 2023
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Founded by my swim buddy and fellow Navy SEAL sniper Ryan “Birdman” Parrott, The Human Performance Project has been on a mission to support veteran and first responder charities through heart racing extreme sports activities and stunts that have never been done before.

The idea is that the excitement of witnessing historic athletic feats that only a handful of people would ever dream of, let alone attempt could raise much needed awareness for veteran and first responder charities that are dedicated to service and facilitating the improvement of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our community, and helping curb the servicemember suicide epidemic.

From this mission concept a BIG idea was born… 7 marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days combined with base jumps and swims on each continent all to raise awareness for 7 veteran and first responder nonprofits — one of which, Guardian Grange being founded by myself to facilitate veteran healing through immersion and work in nature to build permaculture community infrastructure.

The 7X Team is laying it all on the line for this event and journey of epic proportions where Birdman and a hand selected team of Special Operations Veterans are grinding it out to seek outcomes research on true human performance.

We have assembled a rockstar support team of like-minded subject matter experts (SMEs) from various careers to all focus on one mission. Our team of SMEs includes world class MDs, PhDs, Dietitians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Sport Physiologists, along with some of the best base jumpers and skydivers in the world. Stack on some brain-swelling logistical issues to get the whole safely landed on each continent in the timeline, and you have the 7X Tour.

The goal for this project is firstly, to train and gain outcomes research from our training to simplify what is needed for a young person to train with longevity in mind. Secondly, will break it all down to develop a curriculum for the 20-year war fighter, firefighter, police officer, civilian, or anyone with past trauma that could use a reboot to their overstressed systems. Lastly, we will be compiling this mountain of experience and data into one simple manual that will be available to the public to facilitate maximum healing and human performance processes. In addition to the manual, we will be documenting all our training, testing and research on film to share with the public through a documentary or docuseries that goes in depth into how the science backs our findings based in real world pushed-to-the-limits experience.

We intend for all the training, struggles and victories to raise much needed funding and awareness for the veteran and first responder charities that are beneficiaries of this project.

Stay tuned as and mark your calendars for the launch of this Tour! And for anyone interest in winning a chance to come along with the 7X Team to travel the world and experience one-of-a-kind excursions during the tour on Feb 14-24, 2023, there is a raffle available until January 15, 2023, 12:00pm CST. For more details and to grab some raffle tickets, visit the American Extreme Human Performance Project website or Sweepstakes page here.

Follow along on social media by finding @ 7x.project
Author BIO: Mark Matzeldelaflor is a former Navy SEAL sniper who founded the nonprofit Guardian Grange to serve as a veteran-powered regeneration project that facilitates veteran healing through purpose filled work in nature, and permaculture community building.

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