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Final Debate: Grunts vs. POGs

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
May 21, 2018
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Grunts versus POGs...Long has this debate raged, long have the Grunts and POGs been at odds with each other. The slander and accusations are fired at the cyclic rate. But the time has come. The time to end this and settle everything once and for all has come. We're going to throw our disclaimer out in the beginning lest some Vetflakes get offended. This is meant to be humorous, tongue in cheek if you will, rest assured though, some folks take this debate way too seriously, and we are laughing at you. Also you should read the whole way through.Grunts and POGS are not better nor worse than each other, they are different. Surely the Grunts rightly believe that even without supply or logistics they could fashion spears and weapons out of rocks or crayons, catch wild animals to eat, and fight and win a war that way. We certainly think we could (the author is a Grunt). POGs rightly believe that grunts are idiots, incapable of human thought or rational. This is not entirely inaccurate, firsthand experience tells us that a grunt with a alcohol in hand is a recipe for the famous last words, "Hey y'all watch this!" being uttered before the Corpsman has to drive someone to BAS at 0330 on a Saturday morning.

Grunts Versus POGs

All kidding aside, check that, SOME kidding aside. The truth of the matter is while Grunts could probably fashion their own weapons and catch their own food, like the wild and rugged men we think we are, fighting off insurgents is a lot cooler with a Mk19 and we don't get functional Mk19s without armorers, or ammo for said gun without logistics guys. POGs, while Grunts are not always the most intelligent in garrison, be rest assured they know how do draw up range cards and have Einstein levels of intelligence when it comes to smoke checking dudes in the black pajamas or Chechnyans in tracksuits.

Grunts Versus POGs

The fact is we do need each other, as begrudgingly as we may have to realize this fact. And the truth is, after 10 years of being out, we're just super glad anyone and everyone we know who served did their jobs honorably and well. If that's not enough for you...well too bad.Now let us get back to insulting each other like true friends.Read more here:




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