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Make Craft Beer Easy Way Hopii

October 11, 2017
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Beer lovers can now make the world’s best craft beers and enjoy the freshest out-of-the-tank taste, at home, thanks to HOPii, a revolutionary brewing device that just launched on Kickstarter and blew past its initial goal of $50,000, raising more than $290,000 within hours.


“Our product is the easiest-to-use home brewing device ever conceived… easier to use than a TV,” said Jong-Wook Shin, CEO of HOPii, Inc., the company that developed HOPii. “It’s like having your own professional brewery equipment shrunk into an amazingly beautiful countertop unit. Since the intelligence of brewing great beer is built into the unit, you don't have to worry about how to make your favorite craft beer – while you can enjoy its flavor in the freshest way possible.”

HOPii takes the beer juice called ‘wort’ that’s professionally made by the breweries themselves and allows beer drinkers to ferment these craft beers perfectly from their homes with a touch of a button – even though they may live thousands of miles from the brewery. HOPii is the only device that uses authentic ingredients made by the breweries and focuses on perfecting the fermentation to provide the best and freshest tasting beer drinking experience.

“Since the distribution process can be longer, and with multiple transfers, by the time you taste the beer from your favorite brewer it’s no longer fresh and the flavor has been degraded dramatically,” Shin said. “That’s why HOPii offers the freshest out-of-the-tank drinking experience ever – it’s the inside the brewery taste.”

Also, by connecting HOPii with its app, HOPii owners can receive beer recommendations, connect with other craft beer lovers on social media and purchase beer kits directly from the app for a complete and connected craft-beer experience. HOPii owners can also enjoy watching the actual brewing process – many, for the first time.

HOPii comes with a highly-controlled, light-free, oxygen-free preservation system. It also features a one-touch sanitizing system, which means home brewers don’t have to mess with taking the HOPii apart for cleaning.


With the purchase of this handy gadget, owners can order a Beer Kit from their favorite craft brewer that includes a three-liter (101.4 ounce) bottle with wort made authentically by the brewery and an ingredient pack with ingredients such as dry hops and flavors, along with a small coffee-stick pack of yeast. Depending on the beer, brewing is completed in about a week – and the beer made can be consumed from inside using the mini-bar tap or you can take the bottle out and brew another craft beer immediately right after while drinking the one that was just brewed.

“While the HOPii System is incredibly sophisticated, it’s also very easy to use,” Shin said. “Our machine is the ‘true’ Keurig for Craft Beer. You don’t have to know anything about brewing…all you have to do is put in the pods and press a button.”

HOPii ‘s patent-pending system is completely oxygen-free and bacteria-free, so the ingredients are always fresh and the taste of beer is consistent every time. Shin adds that the craft breweries also benefit because they can increase their return-on-investment – allowing them to use idle fermentation tanks to brew worts and sell those to HOPii users.


“The craft beer market is exploding, but local craft breweries have a hard time distributing outside of their local region because setting up bottling or canning operations is expensive, time and space consuming and requires massive fixed-cost investments,” Shin said. “With HOPii, they can now get their creations to the customers who want them efficiently and affordably, using a risk-free distribution system that offers brews at their freshest, right-out-of-the-tank taste.”

For more information about this cool product, and to purchase the new smart home-brewing platform at a discounted price during crowdfunding, visit their Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

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