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Cheers to Innovation: Beer Pipeline Unveiled

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 20, 2016
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Beer lovers of the world, rejoice! A two-mile beer pipeline now connects the Halve Mann Brewrey in the Bruges' historic center with a bottling plant in the suburbs.The pipeline was created to solve the logistical nightmare of heavy truckloads of beer rumbling down the cobblestone streets of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for it's well-preserved Medieval charm. It was crowdfunded through a campaign that raised over $300,000 of the $4.5 million needed. Halve Mann stated that this number broke the record for crowdfunding in Belgium, meaning that their priorities are in the correct place.Contributors will, of course, be paid back in beer.

Halve Mann's production has been skyrocketing recently, and the traffic it was generating was becoming unsustainable for the facility. Thus, every drinker's dream became reality.


Now, the brewery can stay in it's historic location, without inhibiting rising production levels. A tankard was "shipped" just last week through the new construction. Roughly 4,000 liters of beer can flow through the underground pipeline in an hour. That's enough to fill 12,000 bottles (or a great weekend).

To ensure that the pipeline's precious cargo retains its quality, the pipe is equipped with the latest technology, including a cleaning and flushing system.

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