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Thanksgiving Leftovers Reinvented

November 1, 2022
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Round two does in fact taste better, even the night of. But if round one was satisfying enough and you want to mix things up, here are some ideas for new creations for you to mix up the Thanksgiving palate.  


There is some more baking, but it is entirely worth it. With your pizza dough, layer on your leftovers. Cranberries first, with your mashed potatoes and green bean casserole (sprinkle on a little bit more of those fried onions). Layer your turkey as you see fit and use the mac-n-cheese as the glue to keep it all together. Heat it up like you would any pizza and serve and be merry. (This is a family favorite of mine)  

Cookie ice cream 

Are you from a big festive family who often produce enough cookie variations that would supply a small city? Do you have a food processor? Either or, crush up your left-over cookies. It should be a mixed consistency of dust to crumble. Take milk, cream, and sugar and combine, ensuring the sugar dissolves. Add your cookie mixture to the milk and churn four 20 to 30 minutes. Pop in the freezer and in a few hours enjoy thanksgiving ice cream.  

Breakfast burrito 

Whether you have ham or turkey, you have the fixins for a pretty good breakfast meal. In your wrap include eggs, your meat, mac-n-cheese, green beans and cranberry to your liking. If you have other veggies to offer it would be a good time to add them as well. However, for example, brussels sprouts would serve better if chopped smaller, to fit the burrito better.  

Easy go-to salad

Speaking of side dishes, brussels sprouts can be the main star in this meal. Take bacon and cook to your liking and set aside. Then chop up your brussels sprouts and reheat them on the same pan. Combine the two in a big bowl and add the dressing of your choice, recommended a sriracha mayo if available. Chop up your turkey or ham as extra protein and serve.  

Potato pancakes

Not the typical way of making a potato pancake. Take your mashed potatoes and mix in egg and breadcrumbs. In a pan that’s already been heated with oil, plop nicely sized dollops of the new potato mixture in the pan and let them cook golden brown, flip, and do the same for both sides. Serve with any other combination of thanksgiving leftovers and enjoy. 

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