Corona Cocktail
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Manly Mixology: Corona Cocktail

October 20, 2017
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A few years ago, the Corona Cocktail was virtually unknown. These days you can actually buy specialty glasses and bottle clips (we’ll explain later) to help you make this drink even better. The reason for this rise in popularity? Firstly, the cocktail is visually spectacular. It’s a large margarita glass with an upended bottle of corona sticking out of it. Instagram exists for photos such as this. Secondly, the cocktail tastes incredible, which is rare. Most cocktails either taste amazing or look amazing. The Corona Cocktail manages to do both and makes beer cocktails acceptable for both manly men, and everyone else.Let's walk you through the process of creating the perfect corona cocktail, for you and 2-3 friends to drink (depending on how thirsty you all are).


The first thing that you need to do is buy yourself some Margarita glasses--large ones if possible. They need to be able to fit your drink and the top half of a corona bottle, so get the biggest ones that you can find. Next, you should consider getting some Coronita bottle holders, these are made by Corona but can be easily purchased on eBay. These aren’t essential because it is possible to stand the bottle upside down without them, but if there is one thing that manly men are known for, it is unnecessary flourishes!You need to then buy some margarita mix, a lot of limes, some salt, lots of ice, some fancy tequila (remember to buy the Gold Standard), and you will also need triple sec. The last thing to buy would be some small corona bottles--these are known as coronitas. The larger bottles won’t fit, and they’ll mess up the ratios too, so don’t “go big” here.Oh, you’ll also need a blender to mix everything up. We almost forgot to add that. Don’t you just hate it when you’re following a recipe and they don’t mention the absolutely crucial piece of equipment needed until halfway through?


Serves 4 (or 1 thirsty man)Throw some ice into the blender, add in the margarita mix (it should say how much is needed per serving on the packet), half a cup of tequila, two shots of triple sec, and the juice of one lime. Blend them all until you have a thick liquid, then get ready to pour into the margarita glasses. Run a lime around the edge of the glass, cover in crushed salt, and attach the bottle holder. Pour the liquid into four glasses, drop a lime wedge in, and then slowly place the bottle upside down into the glass. Provided the glass is sufficiently full, the bottle will slowly release corona beer as you drink.

Tequila Choice

As we’re trying to be as fancy as possible, we’ll try to help you choose the perfect tequila to use. The first bottle we’re going to look at is the Calle 23 Anejo Tequila. It’s 40% proof, aged 2 months, and tastes amazing as part of a margarita. It’s also a decent price too.For the very rich man, there is the Fortaleza Anejo. The bottle is beautiful, the taste is unparalleled, and the price is eye-watering. The final bottle that we will look at is Patron Silver. One of the most well known and loved tequila brands. There’s already a citrus taste within this tequila, making it the perfect accompaniment to corona based cocktails.Read more Food and Drink articles here.

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