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Merica Bourbon Hot Toddy

December 8, 2017
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The weather is starting to turn a bit chilly and a cold brew doesn't sound great when it's -15 degrees outside. Have no fear, a hot toddy made with Merica Bourbon will warm your body and soul. It's a concoction that's sure to please and isn't too difficult to make.

Hot Toddy

While the summertime is nice for a nice cold mixture of spirits and sugars, the wintertime is an entirely different animal. The icy wind chills you to the bone and sets you to shivering. While you could totally tough it out and endure, why would you choose that miserable fate? Especially when you can have a hot toddy made with the most American bourbon ever produced. A hot toddy made with Merica Bourbon will send your soul to a warm paradise in the midst of a frozen wasteland. The concoction of bourbon, cinnamon, hot water, honey, and lemon is a surefire way to dampen winters plans for you. Are you catching a cold? Maybe have a little bit of the sniffles? Don't worry, Merica Bourbon has you covered and will get you back to fighting form.

Hot Toddy

All you'll need to do is mix two ounces of Merica Bourbon (we won't tell anyone if you use more), one tablespoon of honey (again if you prefer a sweeter mix and add more, we won't judge), one or two fresh cut lemons (you can use two teaspoons of lemon juice, but why skimp on quality), and finally a quarter cup of hot water. You'll want to mix the hot water and honey first, then add the other liquid ingredients as the honey and water blend. It's super simple, super quick and extremely delicious. Of course, this is just a starting point for your hot toddy. If you find a combination of Merica Bourbon and the base ingredients that you've come to enjoy, let us know.

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