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Taste Freedom with Merica Bourbon

January 17, 2018
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For those who've protected it, freedom has a special flavor, only they know...extremely true words. The taste of freedom is something you can feel within. From the depths of your heart to the neurons firing in your brain. When something is unique, when it is truly one of a kind even among its own kind, you just know. That's what Merica Bourbon is. Despite the young age, Merica Bourbon is kicking ass in the American spirits world with all the attitude you'd expect from the veteran duo behind it.Every time we go to a tasting the words "incredible" and "smoothest I've ever tried" come out of peoples mouths like clockwork. The people that don't even like bourbon try the bourbon and are immediately turned on to our unique flavor. The taste of freedom. The taste of being unique and our own. While all bourbon is distinctly American, the pride and craftsmanship put into Merica Bourbon demonstrate the pride that we have in our country and in ourselves. Whether it's the clothes we make or the bourbon we distill, everything we put our hands on is given the same attention to detail that was learned through our combined years of service.

taste of freedom

We give you Merica Bourbon because we know that you want something with soul, with a story, with character and conviction doing things the right way the first time. So as you sit on your porch and watch the sun go down after an honest hard days work sipping our bourbon, you know that its a product that came from hands devoted to this country. Hands devoted to giving you the smoothest finishing, greatest tasting bourbon you'll ever get your hands on. So sit back, relax pour yourself a glass, neat or on the rocks, of the sweet taste of freedom containing hints of caramel, oak, citrus, and vanilla.

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