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Moscow Mule: The Classic Vodka Cocktail

November 20, 2017
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The Moscow Mule has become a recent favorite cocktail for the sheer reason that it takes good and it's simple to make. With any luck, you're not accused of collusion and forced to answer questions in front of some Senate subcommittee. While there's a fair amount of bad shit that's come out of Russia (here's looking at you Communism and Ivan Drago), there are also a few good things that have come out of Russia as well. For instance the Moscow Mule and...ok we can't think of anything else, but this is a pretty damn good thing (don't say vodka and get pretentious, Irish people made vodka too).All you'll need is vodka, ginger beer, and fresh lime juice. All the cool kids are drinking this sweet and tart concoction in a copper mug. You don't have to, but if you wanna be too cool for school like Ms. Frizzle the rizzle dizzle, then you'll drink it from a copper mug. A Collins glass is also an acceptable container for your drink (to be fair I make really strong ones in my 32 oz stainless steel tumbler, so I won't judge).There are also some variations of the Mule as well. If you use whiskey instead of vodka, it's a Kentucky Mule and it's not half bad either. Change it up even more and use dark Rum and it's a Dark and Stormy which makes us feel all powerful and Poseidon-like. You can't really go wrong whichever one you choose.Whichever way you choose to enjoy your Mule, make sure you're not that guy who gets liberty secured (or pay $10,000 and have your license revoked) for everyone for getting a DUI, or even worse you seriously hurt or kill someone. People will like you less than they already did. Be sure to act responsibly and have a plan when enjoying these spirited concoctions.

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