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National Beer Day: Raising a Toast to Brews

September 28, 2017
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We’re going to need 100% participation in today’s event folks. No complaining or whining, nobody likes the mandatory fun days, we know, but they’re still mandatory. So with that being said.Go. Drink. A. Beer….or two, we’re not the boss of you.If you ever needed an excuse to drink a beer, today is a great one. It’s national beer day and whether your prefer pints of pale ales or hearty, thick lagers, today is the day you should live it up and drink a beer…or three or sixteen, but who’s counting. All we know is that today of all days you should have a frosty cold one. Has it been a crap day at work? Have a beer! Has it been a great day at work? Have a beer! Are the struggles of this everyday rat race dragging you down to the depths of despair? Hey there friend, have a beer. Did you just get engaged? Champagne? Hell no, drink a beer instead! Just bought a new car and need to drive it home? Don’t drink a beer! We repeat, don’t drink a beer…until you get home and then drink a beer.While there are quite a few National Days in which you are encouraged to do something, National Drink a Beer day don't ask that you work too hard. All it wants you to do is put up your feet, relax in that recliner and enjoy your favorite malty, hoppy beverage. National Drink a Beer day just wants you to relax. Whereas National Pancake Day wants you to stuff yourself like a starved glutton, National Drink a Beer day just says, sit back and unwind. Why? Well because you’ve worked hard all week, the weekend is almost here and you deserve a small treat for all your heroic labors.So crack open that frosty concoction and unwind folks. You deserve it.

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