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Tom Brady Hates the NSA

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
January 31, 2019
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Due to the overzealous spying on American citizens, 5 time Super Bowl Champion, 4 time Super Bowl MVP and 3 time NFL MVP Tom Brady is finding it more and more difficult to cheat his way to yet another Super Bowl victory. While obviously, American Grit didn't get the chance to sit down and talk with Tom Brady about such a sensitive subject, we can only assume that the NSA and FBI constantly monitoring every single thing done by Americans makes it more difficult to pay off referees and deflate balls, which severely irritates Tom.Instead of the normal methods in which the New England quarterback finds ways to win despite his obvious aging and check down passing, Tom will have to find new low tech means of communicating the dastardly plans to those who can help him add a sixth ring to his collection. As the drug cartels say, when they go high, we go low. Just not low enough to hurt his precious knee again.Fans who still watch the NFL are interested in seeing what new ways Tom Brady can somehow secure a win for Robert Kraft, despite going up against a Los Angeles Rams team with more talent than Tom could fit inside of a football. One fan reached out and told us;"Last year we had the legend of Big Dick Nick, who had an answer to every cheating move by Tom and the Patriots. One can only hope that Jared Goff has the same type of skillset."The nation, well those who haven't been turned off by the NFL and their obvious Virtue Signaling ways, wait with anticipation to see the very best Super Bowl commercials and hopefully see Tom Brady lose and pack his bags for a one way trip to retirement land.One thing is for certain, Tom will try, we just don't know how...yet...and Tom hates the NSA.

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