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5 Reasons We Love the 4th of July

June 1, 2018
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Have you been preparing for the 4th of July? We know it's still just May, but the truth is, the beginning of July will be here in no time and you'll probably be left hanging out to dry if you haven't been in the preparation stage for at least the last four months. Here are the 5 Things We Love About the 4th Of July, just a little hint, we've been preparing for this for the last six months so, if you haven't, up your game.1. Fireworks.We get to blow shit up! This is literally the best thing about 4th of July. Unless you're still on active duty, but for those of us who are not, this is our opportunity to take all the money we've saved the last six months and go to the local fireworks stand, and buy out their inventory. And let us tell you, we buy everything from big artillery shells to sparklers (don't build a sparkler bomb *wink*).

Love About the 4th Of July

2. DrinkingWe've been preparing our liver for the last six months with a variety of alcoholic concoctions, including our very own Merica Bourbon. We love to celebrate America right, just like our drunken forefathers at the Green Dragon Tavern, the home of the revolution. The last thing you want to do is go down early because you couldn't hang with the hot July sun and a few Smirnoff Ices in your system. Just one more thing we love about the 4th Of July.3. FoodWe get this big old block party together and the cooks come out in force grilling meats, smoking barbeque and baking all sorts of goodies. Thanksgiving is cool, but the 4th of July is when we really get our inner fat kid on. Show us the pie, brisket, potato salad and all the other delectable foods.

 Love About the 4th Of July

4. WeatherYes, it's hot, but, being hot is much preferable to freezing our butts off. Last time we checked people vacation to the Caribbean, not to Siberia. You can't beat summer weather, because if you try, it'll beat you and give you skin cancer, wear sunscreen.5. It makes the British angryYeah, we're allies now, but not before we had to punch them in the mouth a couple of times, circa the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, those Brits used to be really just, uncool. So every 4th of July we love lighting off a big fireworks show, getting ripped, and getting fat in our beautiful weather, while they sit all mopey in the London fog and rain. It's the "crowning" item we love about the 4th Of July.

 Love About the 4th Of July
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