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3 Reasons Why New Year's Resolutions Suck

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Community Support
Mental Health & Wellness
Mental Health & Wellness
January 1, 2023
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Be honest, how many New Year’s Resolutions have you kept in your whole life?

Go ahead, count them all. I can wait.

I’ll bet you a beer you may not even remember them all. At least I can’t. (Thanks TBI) So here are 3 Reasons why New Year’s resolutions suck.

  1. You end up forgetting.

Life moves fast, and before you know it February is right around the corner. You’re back in the trenches, relying on your old coping mechanisms. At some point you remember and upon realizing the failed goal, either shrug, or shout “BALLS!” to the heavens, and go back about your day. You’ll get ‘em next year right?

  1. It’s a formality

The biggest decisions in life are usually born of necessity, or opportunity. The feeling you have when attempting to make a big life change because of a calendar date, and societal expectation, can end up hollow. Moreover, we may not even think about our resolution until someone asks us and we make it up on the spot.

  1. We set the bar to high

When we set resolutions, we usually feel obligated to form lofty goals. Why can't the resolution be something reasonable like, “I won't eat frog legs this year,” or “I resolve to not be eaten by a dragon” or something equally achievable? Just food for thought.

However, don’t let my mutterings discourage you from setting a resolution. It is a harmless tradition that reminds us to be hopeful for the future. Whatever your goals, may they be noble, and may you surpass your own expectations.

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