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Alex Will Do It

November 17, 2017
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From riding the lightning of a 50000-volt taser to drinking dip spit and jager-spam water, there isn't much that Alex won't do. With how high the stakes have already been set, with the paintball shooting gallery and the pain of eating a ghost pepper, it's hard to think of inventive tasks for Alex to complete that have not already been done and played out. The great thing about having the most devious minds from all four branches of the military combined with the most devious civilian minds and a room full of one-uppers, we weren't drawing a blank for long on the next "Alex Will Do It." Having more games than Milton Bradley and Hasbro combined, the team behind "Alex Will Do It" set to work.Standing tall with the stature of a mildly intimidating lawn gnome (intimidating to other lawn gnomes, not regular sized people), Alex has withstood the barrage of all challenges. This next task though, will it deliver a "career" ending blow to the "Alex Will Do It" star? While the plucky Marine has demonstrated unusual ability to withstand disgusting and painful challenges, could the latest creation be the end of the "Alex Will Do It," and ultimately Alex? Who knows?What could the most extreme iteration of "Alex Will Do It" be? Will Alex be able to endure this challenge? Will Alex even be a "complete" man after this challenge? Your guess is as good as ours. Actually, no it isn't, we know what he's going to do. However, you will have to tune in to the Grunt Style Facebook page Wednesday morning (Nov. 22) at 9 a.m. to see our 14th favorite Marine boldly face this latest endeavor. We think he'll make it, but...we've been wrong about stuff before (that car salesman told me 19% interest was a good deal, he swore by it).Catch up on the entire series on Grunt Style's Youtube Page!

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