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Alex Will Do It: Stripping

November 30, 2017
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Some of you might gouge your eyes out at the thought of Alex stripping. While that's unkind, as some of us think Alex is quite dapper looking, it doesn't change the fact that Alex is not a stripper. There is a fine art to dancing and removing your clothes and dapper as Alex may be, we're not sure he's as well versed as some.


Alex joins the team at Aussie Heat Las Vegas to entertain the ladies. While backstage Alex admits that whatever confidence he had is now gone as Simon and Patrick are going to be on stage performing with Alex. The problem for Alex is that both men are about a foot taller than him and in extremely better shape than him. Our fans continually try to break Alex. The routine is learned, Alex has surrendered himself to the fact that this is definitely going to happen. It's time for Alex to get on stage and do his thing, alongside two professional male strippers.


The gauntlet is laid down. Each woman is blindfolded and the dancers rearrange themselves. The ladies at Aussie heat are going to have to guess who danced for them. Will they guess Alex, or will they imagine and prefer that none other than Simon or Patrick? As the music plays, we're quite surprised to see Alex actually getting into a pretty decent groove. His dancing skills aren't too bad, but he's definitely forgetting the part where he's supposed to remove his clothes. With a little encouragement from the crowd, Alex soon begins to remove articles of clothing. This goes on for another three soul cleaving minutes.


Luckily for Alex, none of the women guessed it was him that danced for them. The lady that actually had Alex dance for her imagined that Simon was the one dancing for her. There'll be no talking to Alex after this.

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