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Alex Will Do It: Surstromming

November 27, 2017
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This has got to be quite honestly, the worst thing we've asked Alex to do. It doesn't matter what else you ask Alex to do. Surstromming is raw herring that has been salted just enough to prevent it from rotting, It then undergoes a fermenting process for at least 6 months.


Most of these "Alex Will Do It" we actually get a good chuckle out of. After reading the description and seeing Mike's reaction as well as the reaction of everyone downwind we've decided that we actually feel somewhat bad for Alex. Up until now the things we've asked Alex to do have been bad, but nothing worse than we've done when pranking friends throughout the years. This, however, is absolutely disgusting. The bulge of the can doesn't instill a whole bunch of confidence in the idea of "safe for consumption." When the can is opened and the brine sprays everywhere, the putrid smell immediately hits everyone.


It's seemingly minutes before Alex can even get it close enough to his face to dip a spoon into and take a bite. The first and only bite he takes sits in his mouth as he contemplates swallowing the fermented fish. The "dish" is typically served with a bread, making a sandwich called a surströmmingsklämma. Try saying that ten times really fast. The absence of the typical bread ensures that Alex gets the full effect of the surstromming. Traditionally, it is said that you should open the can of surstromming underwater to avoid the rancid smell from overtaking everyone as well as eating it outside. Could you imagine being stuck in a room with several people opening up cans of this stuff?


Being the champ that he is though, Alex despite not swallowing his bite of surstromming, did drink some of the brine water. Surely Alex will welcome any challenges that don't involve surstromming anytime soon, or ever.

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