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Alex Will: Fight Training

November 29, 2017
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This week for Alex Will Do It, we put Alex through some fight training. It was pretty similar to the training he did while he was in the Marine Corps. That training made him a deadly force on the battlefield, we hope it carries over here as he trains for his fight with Raquel Pennington.

Fight Training

Justin Orick, another battle-hardened Marine is taking charge of Alex's training and ensuring that our devil dog is trained to the highest of standards. Alex has endured a lot of hardship under the Alex Will Do It title, surely it's helped develop some mental toughness for our wiry Marine. All that needs to happen now is for his body to achieve the same level of toughness and skill that his mind has already reached. Luckily for Alex, Justin doesn't want to see him die, although Alex will sure get his ass kicked by Raquel Pennington.

Fight Training

The fight training starts off with Alex getting his conditioning back up to speed. A nice run, coupled with a few beers should get him back to the Marine Corps standard. And of course what PT session would be complete without our salty devil dog smoking while performing calisthenics? As the training continues our hope for Alex to not die is slowly fading. A few punches from Justin and our hope fades even more. The running turns into nap time as does the calisthenics. Alex confidence is sky high though, after all, he's fighting "just a girl." We're not sure Alex knows how much trouble he is in for, but he is a grown man and he can make his own decisions.

Fight Training

We see the training come to an end with Alex watching "Rocky" for inspiration. We hope we're wrong, we like Alex a whole bunch and if he dies, it'll be the end of Alex will do it.

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