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Alex Will: Full Body Wax

November 27, 2017
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This week will see Alex undergo some waxing. Now when we say full body wax, we're not going to necessarily get everything. But we will definitely wax across the whole body. Will Alex finally be man-pretty?

full body wax

The crew headed to the Design Nails and Spa in Carol Stream, Illinois, just down the road from the Grunt Style headquarters. The challenge for this week is to have Alex undergo some waxing across his chest, armpit, and legs. Something about hot wax and ripping hair out of the follicle just doesn't seem like it'd be a fun day, which is why Alex will definitely be doing it. This weeks challenge was sent in by one of our Grunt Style fans who will receive a custom "I Made Alex Do It" shirt. Make sure you all keep sending in suggestions for Alex to do. He asks for some fun ones, but we doubt you guys will be that nice to him.

full body wax

Alex is hoping that his prototype Grunt Style silkies will keep him from crying. "Don't count just do it," Alex says as the hair is ripped from its root. He's starting to look like a Man 'O' Lantern circa "40-Year-Old Virgin." His armpit shows signs of a solid bleed after three runs across the pit. We don't see what the big deal is Alex, women do this every day. Next up will be the legs, the maniacal laughter keys us into how much pain Alex is truly in. The full body wax is going extremely well and Alex is looking as red as the blood pouring out of his follicles.

full body wax

With the waxing all done, not because of completion, but because Alex just can't take it anymore. "I have so much more respect for women now," laments Alex as the beautician comments that Alex is really good at screaming.

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