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Alex Will: Fight with Raquel Pennington

November 29, 2017
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The moment is here, the Raquel Pennington fight between her and Grunt Style's own Alex Vasquez is ON. Alex Will Do It is in it's finest moment as Alex has a chance (albeit super slim) to come out on top and show the world how tough and skilled he really is.

Raquel Pennington Fight

Alex is visibly shaken after watching Raquel Pennington train. Admittedly he wishes that he'd taken his fight training much more serious than he did. The face protection and the heavy gloves do nothing to ease his worry. The first round, both fighters will start seated, back to back and will only allow for only wrestling for sixty seconds each round. The first round starts off with Alex literally praying. Raquel easily takes our Marine at lightning speed. The first round ends with three taps from Alex. Clearly he underestimated his competition.

Raquel Pennington Fight

Alex starts off the second round by getting beat on pretty significantly despite putting up a much better fight than the first round. He still loses though and it is clear that Alex is not having a good time. Alex in his own words feels "oooowwwwww." The third and final round is upon us. The third round is an actual fight, and Alex is not feeling too confident. Worrying that he might actually get broken, Alex employs the strategy of running away. It works well for the first couple of seconds, but as Alex soon realizes, that cage is much smaller than it looks. He is unable to keep up this strategy as this Raquel Pennington fight is extremely one-sided and Alex takes blow after merciless blow from the elite fighter.

Raquel Pennington Fight

We knew going into this that Alex had slim chances, but we had hoped he'd put up a much better show than he did. Ease Alex's pain and send him a not so violent challenge.

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